With gDiapers’ biodegradable babycare solution, families can reduce household waste significantly during the first years of a baby’s life.

Disposable diapers account for large proportions of household waste in families with small children. gDiapers are designed with a reusable cover and a biodegradable disposable insert. When the insert is soiled, it is removed and can be composted with food waste or flushed down the toilet. The diaper inserts contain sodium polyacrylate, a plant-based, non-toxic water absorbing polymer. The cover, which can be washed together with regular clothes, is made from cellulose rayon and fluffed wood pulp, which comes from sustainably grown and harvested softwood that is then finely granulated.

Why you should care

It is estimated that 27.4 billion disposable diapers are consumed every year in the USA and 92% of those end up in landfill. gDiapers could significantly reduce the total waste from diapers. They also decompose in less than two months, compared to estimates of 250+ years for normal disposable diapers.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Responsible Consumption and Production

gDiapers are Cradle to Cradle certified and the inserts are made of biodegradable cellulose, wood fluff pulp, and plant-based, non-toxic polymers.

Life on Land

Cellulose and wood pulp are from sustainably harvested softwood. gDiapers reduce faecal waste in landfill, causing water safety issues.