by Henriette Weber

It’s a big day for me, today. i’m excited to announce the ten finalists for this year’s Sustainia Award.

In early 2016, we ran a campaign to identify the 100 most inspiring and innovative sustainable solutions available today. From a field of more than 1,200 candidates we identified the top 100, and showcased them in our annual Sustainia100 publication which came out in June. Now, thanks to expert guidance from our Advisory Board, we have selected the ten most compelling and groundbreaking solutions.

On November 3 in Copenhagen, all ten have the chance to win the Sustainia Award, which is chosen by the Sustainia Award Committee (and headed up by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the Sustainia Community Award – which is chosen by you! We’ve made it as easy as possible to get involved, so you’re just one click away from voting for your favourite solution here.

A glimpse of the future

I am particularly excited about this year’s finalists as they help tackle some of the most urgent challenges in places where help is most needed. It’s fitting, as we celebrate the first year of the Sustainable Development Goals, that they also address several of the global goals in one go.

Some of the finalists give me real hope that we have the ideas and solutions that give education for all, SDG #4. One finalist, Code to Inspire, teaches Afghan women to code and make a living for themselves, while another, Nest, provides training opportunities and helps thousands of garment workers in developing countries to increase their profits from working with the established fashion companies. These solutions bring real change to real people, and inspire a new generation of young women to aim higher and trust in their own capabilities.

This year’s finalists are also refreshingly broad in their approach – they range from a revolutionary vertical ocean farming technique that increases biodiversity, to a company deploying hundreds of thousands pay-as-you-go solar energy systems to off-grid households in Africa, and a newly launched plant-based burger that has amazed people by replicating the taste of meat. These solutions give us a vivid snapshot of what is already happening and provide a compelling glimpse into the future we both need and deserve.

One of the hardest parts of my job is helping select just ten solutions from the 100 incredible ones we have the opportunity to showcase every year. That is why I am thrilled about Sustainia’s new partnership with the UN Global Compact to build the world’s largest interactive platform for sustainable solutions which will launch early next year. So far, we have identified more than 4,500 solutions over the past five years, and we are still counting. These solutions will form the basis of the Global Solutions Platform, where they will offer inspiration and practical guidance to companies, individuals and investors across the world.

Make your vote count

The Sustainia Award winner is in the hands of the Sustainia Award Committee, but the Community Award is in yours.

Why not check out the ten finalists? , and if you’ve got a favourite make sure you cast your vote today! We’ll reveal the winner on 3 November.


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