Lucky Iron Fish has developed a cost-effective approach which is helping to combat the global health problem of iron deficiency. Simply boiling a Lucky Iron Fish ingot for ten minutes in water or in other food can release up to 75% of a person’s daily required iron intake.

Lucky Iron Fish is a social enterprise dedicated to combating iron deficiency. It began with a focus in Cambodia and is now working worldwide. The company offers a simple health innovation that is affordable, clinically tested and culturally appropriate. One iron ‘fish’, which is a symbol of good luck in Cambodia, costs less than $10 and lasts for five years. By boiling the iron ‘fish’ in a pot of water or food, a safe and sufficient amount of iron is released, benefitting entire families with each use.

The company has delivered more than 80,000 units globally, and it plans to scale further by collaborating with NGOs, governments and the private sector to reach the goal of delivering one million fish in the next five years.

We look forward to achieving our goal of improving the health and wealth of the world, and putting a fish in every pot.

Gavin Armstrong – President and CEO, Lucky Iron Fish.

Why you should care

Two billion people, predominantly women and children, suffer from iron deficiency anaemia globally, making it the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world, with vast economic consequences. Reducing anaemia could contribute as much as 20% to overall productivity. In contrast to conventional solutions, such as iron pills, the Lucky Iron Fish is appealing to communities due to its simplicity, longevity and low cost, making it very scalable.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

Iron deficiency anaemia is a global health problem and Lucky Iron Fish has developed a simple and effective remedy to help combat this problem.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Iron deficiencies lead to annual income losses of two weeks of work, according to the company, thus reducing anaemia prevalence increases productivity.

Responsible Consumption and Production

The Lucky Iron Fish ingots are made from recycled scrap iron, and packaging is produced from biodegradable or recycled material.


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