Edmonton’s holistic, long-term, low-carbon transition strategy includes 150 specific actions across seven different sectors.

Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy is an eight-year climate change mitigation and risk management strategy designed to shift the city from fossil fuels towards carbon neutrality. The strategy includes 150 specific actions across seven different opportunity areas to reduce carbon emissions via electricity use reductions as well as adoption of a cleaner electricity supply. Edmonton aims for a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, with a 35% decrease in building energy use, a 25% decrease in personal energy consumption, and a goal that at least 10% of energy is produced by renewable technology by the same year.

In developing the strategy, Edmonton surveyed more than 1,000 community members and used a demographically representative panel to approve the low-carbon transition strategy. Implementation is now underway, with an energy disclosure program for residential and large buildings and planning amendments to streamline solar PV installations.

35% decrease in GHG emissions targeted for 2035

The challenge

95% of Edmonton’s energy comes from fossil fuels, and 60% of greenhouse gas emissions in the city come from buildings. The strategy was designed to: help Edmonton become a carbon-neutral city; promote sustainable energy sources and uses; and make energy supply and distribution resilient.


Economic Edmonton’s strategy is expected to deliver a net present value of approximately $2 billion more than the investment by the year 2035, which increases if the cost of carbon is taken into account.

Social The strategy was created with significant public engagement and includes tactics at the community level to increase awareness and education and encourage energy savings.

Health Edmonton launched a Downtown Bike Network to promote a healthier transport alternative to private car usage. Increased physical activity and improved air quality are direct benefits from increased cycling.

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Edmonton is the capital of Canada’s Alberta province.

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