Coca Cola have established the EKOCENTER Social Enterprise as a catalyst for community growth through convening and coordinating tri-Sector partnerships between business, government and civil society.

Coca Cola’s EKOCENTER is both a community center and a general store. Run by local women, it provides a range of goods and services to help businesses and communities thrive. It is an off-grid, modular kiosk that becomes a hub of community activity by providing a place of commerce as well as safe drinking water, solar power and wireless communication.

Integrating Coca-Cola’s sustainability priorities of well-being, women and water, EKOCENTER is a Social Enterprise that focuses on underserved communities that are without access to basic goods and services. These centers jump start social and economic development by acting as community centers that provide entrepreneurial opportunities, and a space for entertainment and vocational skills training.

Why you should care

One in ten people still lack access to safe drinking water and 1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity. By providing a safe space for community activities with a reliable source of clean water as well as solar power, Coca Cola are protecting and empowering rural communities, while also encouraging business activities.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

EKOCENTERs help to provide medical equipment and supplies to healthcare facilities, and support malaria prevention programmes.


Gender Equality

The project focuses on female store operators, providing good jobs and income to women, and helping to improve gender equality.

Clean Water and Sanitation

EKOCENTERs provide safe drinking water to communities without access to other reliable and safe water sources.

Affordable and Clean Energy

By making solar power and solar lamps available to the communities, EKOCENTERs help to supply affordable and clean energy.