LucidEnergy provides a new way to generate renewable energy around the clock from gravity fed water in pipes.

The LucidPipe is an in-conduit hydropower technology that enables industrial, municipal, and agricultural users to produce carbon-free, electricity from gravity-fed water pipelines. Water from snow and rainfall fills remote reservoirs, feeding pipelines that move water to the point-of-use. As the water flows downhill, gravity creates pressure in the pipeline that is normally relieved by pressure-reducing valves. The technology recaptures this energy without disrupting desired usage. The LucidPipe spherical turbines spin as water passes through them, producing a consistent and non-weather-dependent source of energy.

This technology works 24/7. If the water is flowing, we’re making electricity. It’s not dependent on day and night. It’s not dependent on the weather.

Dr. Nina Bergan French – CEO, LucidEnergy

LucidEnergy is currently running a pilot project in California where their technology is powering streetlights and another in Oregon that generates electricity for around 100 households.

Why you should care

The U.S. EPA estimates that $271 billion in water infrastructure upgrades are needed to replace ageing pipelines and to satisfy new demand over the next 5 years. By incorporating LucidPipe turbines into new and upgraded pipelines, millions of megawatt-hours of carbon-free, low-cost electricity can be generated, which can go towards the retrofitting operations.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and Clean Energy

LucidEnergy’s innovative technology generates power from gravitational potential of water in pipelines, that is usually released for safety reasons and wasted.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Industry reliant on gravity fed water can retrofit this solution to become more sustainable, with an expected payback time of ten years.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Cities’ wastewater pipes are straining under the demands of ever expanding urban populations. Expanding water infrastructure to meet the needs of millions opens up new opportunities for sustainable energy generation.

Climate Action

Once deployed, the LucidPipe generates no CO2 emissions and is a constant source of power production.