This Chilean social enterprise is dedicated to lowering the cost of food and other essential items for low-income families in Chile.

Algramo works directly with manufacturers to sell products in reusable containers, often in bulk, which the company estimates can save up to 50% on consumer costs. In cities where recycling facilities are rare, relying on recycling to reduce plastic waste is unrealistic. This B Corp hopes to foster a reuse and recycling culture, in order to make a dent in the use of single-use plastics. An average Chilean family using Algramo’s products has the potential to avert around two kilograms of plastic waste per month.

This solution was featured in Reimagining Plastics market of the 2018 Global Opportunity Report, and was selected based on the criteria of that report. 

How the Global Goals are addressed

No Poverty

The poor spend the greatest proportion of their income on food. Reducing this cost increases disposable income and resilience to economic shocks.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Reduced costs act as an incentive for consumers to return empty packages, creating a more sustainable consumption culture for plastic containers.

Life Below Water

Around a third of all packaging escapes collection systems and much of it ends up causing damage to marine ecosystems. Reusing containers on a daily basis helps to reduce this figure.