Too Good To Go is an app that helps restaurants, bakeries and other food outlets reduce food waste by selling daily leftovers at a discounted price to customers.

Typically, restaurants, bakeries, cafes and other food businesses with surplus food at the end of the day are forced to throw it out. With the Too Good To Go app, customers can save this excess food from being wasted by pre-ordering a portion online and stopping by just before closing time to pick up the surplus food in take-away boxes for as little as $2.50 a serving. Through the app, businesses earn money on food that would otherwise be wasted, consumers enjoy a delicious meal at a low price, and both help prevent unnecessary food waste. Since launching in Denmark in late 2015, Too Good To Go is now available in 11 countries and counts more than 240 participating food businesses in Denmark alone.

“We are a group of five who want to see an end to the silly reality that a third of all food is wasted while millions of people starve every day.”

Klaus Pedersen – Co-Founder and CMO of Too Good To Go

Why you should care

About one-third of all food produced worldwide is either lost or wasted, while hunger and food scarcity affect millions of people every day. By reducing food waste and food poverty, Too Good To Go promotes a sustainable food system and helps improve food security.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Zero hunger

Too Good To Go helps customers buy restaurant quality food at cheaper prices, and it also gives food to the homeless.

Responsible consumption and production

Reducing food waste from restaurants and food stores is a responsible and sustainable production practice

Climate action

According to the company, the app saves more than two tons of CO2 per day by preventing food waste.