New Taipei City’s Low Carbon Circular City initiative is reducing waste and increasing the collection of reusable resources.

New Taipei City has reduced the volume of incinerated waste by 9% from 2012 to 2016 by implementing a range of initiatives to tackle waste. The Recycling Rewards Service System allows the public to bring reusable resources to 310 Recycling Rewards Service Stations to exchange them for designated garbage bags and green products. Since implementation, the resource recycling rate has gone up by more than 8%. Additionally, at “Happiness Stations,” still functioning home goods and materials can be donated and reused by low-income communities.

Kitchen waste is another focus area. Organic waste is collected and composted before being used on organic rooftop farms or in schools’ vegetable gardens. The 46 rooftop gardens and 1,200 m2 of organic vegetable cultivation area also have a cooling effect, resulting in reduced energy consumption by the 678,000 air-conditioning units in the city.

6.4% reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions has been achieved since 2008

The challenge

Despite progress, New Taipei City still has challenges with the management of solid waste, and lack of green areas which could help to cope with increasing temperatures that threaten the livelihoods of citizens.


Economic Each year, recycling generates around $10 million of revenue, which benefits the citizens and the city.

Environmental The specially designed garbage bags are expected to replace more than 2.69 million plastic bags.

Social The township residents who own rooftop farms regularly organize communal meals to share the fruits and vegetables they grow, also contributing to improved eating habits.

Health By 2017, green areas of the city will have increased to 4,000 m2, increasing the carbon sequestration potential, cooling the city, and improving air quality.

About New Taipei City

New Taipei is a special municipality and the most populous city in Taiwan. Located in northern Taiwan, the city includes a substantial stretch of the island’s northern coastline and surrounds the Taipei Basin, making it the second largest special municipality by area, behind Kaohsiung. New Taipei City is bordered by Keelung to the northeast, Yilan County to the southeast, and Taoyuan to the southwest. It completely surrounds Taipei. Banqiao District is its municipal seat and biggest commercial area.

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