LØS is the Danish word for loose. Fitting the description, LØS Market sells loose produce and staples priced by weight for customers to purchase in reusable containers.

LØS Market is a package-free store that serves a sustainable alternative to overly packaged supermarket food. The Copenhagen-based shop sells organic and, as far as possible, local food without packaging to minimise food and packaging waste.

Flour, nuts, oil and wine. Shelves, boxes and walls abound with organic products from Danish and European producers for customers to purchase in the exact quantity they need. On a scale in the store, shoppers can weigh their own containers, bottles or jars. That weight is then subtracted from the total at checkout to make sure that customers only pay for the products purchased. Forgetful shoppers can also pick up free containers, donated by others and cleaned by the store before being offered for reuse. LØS Market also has a reimbursement system, selling glass jars that customers can exchange for new ones if they want to refill the wine, oil or vinegar. If shoppers have leftover jars, they can also get reimbursed for handing those in.

Why you should care

Discarded food makes up roughly a quarter of the waste from an average Danish household. By offering everything in loose weight, LØS Market provides a solution where customers can purchase the specific quantities needed, reducing the risk of food waste. The shop also favours local producers, enhancing community feel and reducing CO2 emissions associated with transportation.

Photo credit:  Jim Babonneau, 2016.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Responsible production and consumption

LØS’s policy to sell local, organic produce without packaging helps to prevent waste generation at the retail and household level.