Orbital Systems’ efficient shower unit saves up to 90% of the water and 80% of the energy of a normal shower, while increasing comfort and hygiene.

Orbital Systems has developed an innovative water recycling technology for homes and public recreational buildings. The company states that their shower unit can save more than 90% of the water used by normal showers, by pumping it through a filter and reusing it during the same shower. The water is purified to drinking quality, and in most cases it is cleaner than the original tap water.

"Take the best shower you’ve ever had."

For a 10-minute shower, the system uses just five liters of water, while an ordinary shower would use 150 liters of water, according to the company. The water is already heated and therefore the system requires up to 80% less energy than regular shower systems.

Orbital Systems is an efficient technology innovation which allows for both lasting profitability while contributing to a more sustainable planet.

Niklas Zennström – Mentor and Investor, Orbital Systems.

Why you should care

Showering is one of the largest sources of water use in western homes. Orbital Systems has developed a solution that addresses this issue without disrupting the comfort of everyday living. The installed showers have so far saved a total of more than 2.8 million litres of water, according to the company.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Clean water and sanitation
Of the 160 litres of water that Europeans use everyday, personal hygiene accounts for 35%, compared to only 5% for drinking and cooking. Reducing the amount of water used for showering can help to put less stress on water resources.

Responsible consumption and production
The innovative design shows how efficiency innovations within established industries have the power to significantly reduce the consumption of individuals without sacrificing on convenience.

About Orbital Systems

When we use water, we waste water. With fresh water scarcity affecting 2 billion people around the world, our habit of using 10X more water than we need every time we turn on a tap is simply unsustainable.

OAS lets people use all the water they want without using very much of it. By treating water as the precious resource it is, we will radically change clean water’s availability to all.

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Global Goals addressed

Deployed in: Europe, United States of America
Developed in: Sweden
Stage: Full implementation