Calliope’s ‘Buoy’ sensor monitors and analyses domestic water use in combination with a mobile app, allowing leak detection as well as remote control of household water supply.

Calliope’s Buoy is a connected flow meter that monitors water use throughout an entire house. Unlike traditional leak detectors requiring multiple sensors, the meter is connected to the household water supply and is installed at the main valve only. Via an app, households can monitor their water use throughout the day and shut the water off remotely in case of an emergency.

The device is able to measure and provide real-time data and detailed information about exactly how much water is used by which devices, offering notifications and up-to-the-minute alerts when leaks or other water waste occurs.

Why you should care

In California, an estimated 18% of home water waste comes from in-house leaks, annually amounting to a total 49,000 liters. Unless leak are visible, they can run undetected for months, causing property damage and wasting money and water resources. With homeowners having limited ability to detect significant leaks or minor-but-constant drips, this solution empowers water users to locate and fix leaks as they happen and to use water efficiently.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Clean water and sanitation
Unknown water leaks can create huge domestic water wastage in cities throughout the world. By identifying these leaks, Calliope will help to improve water security in drought prone areas like California.

Responsible consumption and production
Calliope helps consumers to monitor and reduce their every day water consumption.