Totohealth is a social enterprise utilising mobile technology and healthcare toolkits to improve maternal and child health in Kenya and Tanzania.

The company’s personalised messaging platform uses SMS and voice technology to help mothers monitor their pregnancies, keep parents on track with their children’s vaccination schedules, remind parents of children’s clinic appointments, and provide nutrition and family planning advice. Their health service package includes clean delivery kits needed during childbirth, as well as a newborn survival pack containing critical health supplies for the mother and baby.

Totohealth’s services also include early detection of disabilities and developmental abnormalities in young children. With SMS services priced affordably at $2 per year, the company has more than 18,000 parents registered from a total of 27 counties in Kenya.

“Toto Health works over texts and voice messages, we’ve built an intelligent system,”

Felix Kimaru – CEO, Totohealth

Why you should care

Kenya’s maternal mortality rate is 362 deaths per 100,000 live births, and the under-five mortality rate is 52 per 1,000. The majority of these deaths are caused by preventable and treatable conditions. By increasing health literacy and flagging early warning signs, Totohealth improves the lives of families in Kenya and Tanzania, and helps to give all children an equal start in life.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Zero Hunger

Providing pediatric nutrition guidelines for new mothers can help prevent long-term malnutrition from developing at an early age, and fights hunger.

Good Health and Well-Being

Totohealth educates and guides mothers from conception through to early development, helping parents with many health related problems along the way.


Gender Equality

Improving reproductive health care education can help to empower women and encourage informed decision-making in family planning.