F Cubed’s solar energy technology purifies, desalinates, and distills any water source by mimicking the natural water cycle, with minimal ongoing costs.

F Cubed aims to solve the world’s clean water issues using only solar energy to produce purified water from any contaminated water source. The technology mimics the natural water cycle of evaporation and condensation to produce pure distilled water. In addition, it produces a second water supply of UV disinfected, heated, and filtered water, precipitating inorganic compounds and leaving no waste. Each panel has a 20-year operating life and treats an average of 20 liters per m2/day of water, exceeding the World Health Organization drinking water standards, with a close to zero carbon footprint.

Why you should care

Contaminated drinking water causes over 3.4 million deaths per year, huge health costs, and loss of productivity. The F Cubed solution purifies water without boiling, is low-cost, modular and robust, and has the potential to improve the quality of life for millions.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Clean Water and Sanitation

1 in 10 people still lack access to safe drinking water. F Cubed’s purification device could change that for communities around the world by providing an affordable, robust solution.

Affordable and Clean Energy

F Cubed’s solar-powered water purification process is estimated to have a 55 to 65% efficiency of solar energy to distilled water, contributing to a cleaner production.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

By providing a safe source of drinking water, F Cubed hope to reduce the estimated 23 billion productive days are lost annually through illness and disease caused by contaminated water sources.

Climate Action

At least six hundred million people purify their drinking water via boiling. Replacing boiling with F Cubed’s solution would mean a reduction of 1 to 2 tons of CO2 for a family per year.