Tradeshift is a digital platform that enables buyers and suppliers to interact more transparently while facilitating data sharing between companies to encourage circular supply chains.

Tradeshift is promoting a circular global economy through initiatives to improve the  sustainability and transparency of supply chains. All suppliers on the online platform can add information about their production processes, and they can highlight certifications of their products and services from over 850 global certification schemes such as ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ and health ratings. These initiatives help to promote sustainable procurement and they encourage suppliers to improve their sustainability standards.

Tradeshift connects buyers to a growing network of suppliers – over 30% of which come from emerging economies where access to global supply chains on digital platforms had previously been limited. Tradeshift’s open infrastructure is free for suppliers and enables businesses in any market to participate freely in global trade with the world’s leading enterprises. 800,000 companies are already on board, including DHL, the NHS, Archer Daniels Midland and Air France-KLM.

The circular economy should be mainstream and a normal part of any supply chain. This is where the Tradeshift platform can make a huge difference.

Christian Lanng – CEO and co-founder, Tradeshift

Why you should care

In order to shift the global supply chain from cost-based to value-based management, transparent, flexible and efficient tools are essential. Tradeshift is encouraging this shift to a more circular economy through its digital platform, which allows for greater transparency between buyers and suppliers, and promotes sustainability throughout supply chains.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Tradeshift facilitates economic growth by improving cash flow for small businesses via supply chain financing, opening up new trading relationships, and creating new business models via the circular economy.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Tradeshift is educating enterprise leaders on the benefits of value-based thinking and how to implement it throughout their companies.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Promoting the use of certification schemes encourages more environmentally responsible sourcing and transparent purchasing.

Partnerships for the Goals

Tradeshift is a platform to encourage greater partnerships and circular thinking across the business sector.