Tainan has incorporated the ambitions of the Paris Agreement into its low-carbon city projects, translating global goals into local action and prioritizing the happiness of citizens.

The City of Tainan announced ambitions in 2012 to become Taiwan’s first low-carbon city. This strategy continues today, and following the Paris Agreement in 2015, Tainan set ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the city 12% by 2020, 20% by 2030, and 50% by 2050. This accelerating rate of change will be spurred by 10 strategies across sectors from green energy to low-carbon education and eco-tourism.

2.7 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent has been reduced in the last five years

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Over the last five years, Tainan has invested $160 million in carbon reduction projects, with non-industrial emissions accounting for 300,000 metric tons of the reduction. Tainan also has a strong focus on the happiness of citizens and includes this in planning low-carbon projects to build a vibrant and sustainable city.

The challenge

Taiwan is a small, highly populated island, which relies on fossil fuel imports for more than 90% of its energy. Targeting green energy as part of the low-carbon strategy will help the small island nation become more energy secure as well as cut carbon emissions.


Environmental Tainan recognizes the importance of ecosystems for climate change mitigation, adaptation and citizen well-being, and has developed an ecological framework to preserve urban wetlands and promote conservation tourism.

Social The city is creating low-carbon communities, with at least 60% green coverage, reusage of waste, and energy conservation programs.

Health Low-carbon transportation investments in bicycle infrastructure and a bus rapid transport network will improve air quality, and there are specific targets for particulate concentrations for future years.

About Tainan

Tainan City is a special municipality of Taiwan, facing the Formosan Strait or Taiwan Strait in the west and south. Tainan is the oldest city on the island of Taiwan and is also one of Taiwan’s cultural capitals. Tainan claims more Buddhist and Taoist temples than any other city in Taiwan.

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