WeFarm is a digital peer-to-peer service that connects smallholder farmers across the world, enabling them to share information and receive crowd-sourced answers.

WeFarm is designed for smallholder farmers to ask and answer questions about agriculture. Simply, if a farmer needs advice regarding harvesting methods or crops, she sends a simple, free SMS to the local WeFarm number. The request is instantly posted on the platform and sent to selected members of the community via SMS. According to WeFarm, response time is usually a few minutes. The platform has more than 1.4 million registered users – mainly in Africa and South America.

Monolingualism is widely spread in the WeFarm community. But the team behind it has come up with a solution. A team of bilingual volunteers helps translate questions and answers which widen the pool of farmers available. As of late 2018, WeFarm has acquired 1.4 million users who have collectively asked some 2.5 million questions and contributed more than 5.8 million answers on topics ranging from controlling blossom end rot in tomatoes and the importance of pruning coffee plants.

Why you should care

In Africa, agriculture accounts for two-thirds of livelihoods of poor people. Low levels of productivity and poor access to markets and finance makes it difficult for smallholder farmers to make the most out of their businesses. Providing a free peer-to-peer platform for smallholder farmers to share knowledge, WeFarm helps increase productivity among the world’s more than 500 million smallholder farmers and retain generational rural knowledge.

How the Global Goals are addressed

No poverty

By connecting smallholder farmers, WeFarm provides information on how to improve crop yield that could lead to increased household income.

Reduced inequality

Farmers living in remote areas without internet access can at low cost share and receive information using widespread SMS technology.