Thermo King’s CryoTech transportation refrigeration system reuses CO2 for cooling, resulting in clean, green and quiet deliveries of temperature-sensitive goods.

Thermo King has developed a refrigeration technology, CryoTech, that uses liquid carbon dioxide to cool air in the load space of trucks and trailers. When cooling is demanded, valves open to allow the liquid to flow into evaporator coils inside the cargo space. Electric fans circulate air through the coils, and as the liquid carbon dioxide evaporates, it cools the coils and the air. The cool air is circulated through the cargo maintaining the temperature and humidity.

The CO2 used for cooling is a byproduct of ammonia production, resulting in zero net emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides or particulates. The system offers faster temperature recovery and low noise levels, which are advantages for the distribution market where the cooling unit is often interrupted as drivers deliver goods at multiple locations in cities.

With more than 600 units in service today, we have successfully shown that Thermo King CryoTech solution represents the sustainable transport refrigeration system of the future.

Pascal Richard – Portfolio Leader for Air Solutions, Thermo King.

Why you should care

The system has zero net harmful emissions during operation thanks to the nature of the refrigerant. The liquid carbon dioxide used is recovered from other industrial processes, and it does not deplete the ozone, unlike other typical refrigerants. Additionally, CryoTech units are virtually silent during operation and are an estimated 90% quieter than conventional diesel refrigeration units. This ensures reductions in urban noise pollution and happy neighbors in delivery areas.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good health and Well-being

With zero nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions, vehicles using this system in urban centres will help to improve urban air quality, which currently kills seven million each year.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

This innovative cooling system can be retrofitted to existing transport fleets or built into new delivery vehicles to cut costs and emissions.

Climate Action

The CryoTech system cuts carbon emissions by 90% during the cooling cycle compared with traditional refrigeration systems.