The city projects in this publication are divided into five sectors: energy, land use and resilience, waste, mobility, and climate action

There is an urgent need for ambitious action to address the challenges posed by climate change. Recognizing this, the People ́s Republic of China (PRC) is taking measures to foster a true sustainable growth model in which cities are key, since they play a crucial role in mitigation efforts and are exposed to many of the risks posed by climate change.

As this publication shows, urban areas all over the PRC have embraced a wide range of solutions to reduce energy consumption, green and clean their energy supply, transform the concept of waste, promote green and blue spaces and improve urban mobility. Each of the 50 featured solutions shows how cities take climate actions and also create valuable co-benefits in terms of positive impacts on citizens’ public health and quality of life, as well as providing economic and additional environmental benefits.

This publication is part of the Asian Development Bank ́s (ADB) initiative to support the PRC ́s efforts to address climate change and showcase their innovation in low-carbon city development. ADB hopes that by sharing these examples, other cities are inspired to drive further innovation and transform their cities to protect against climate change.

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