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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


Part of a large international project, Aarhus Municipality is improving indoor climate through building renovations and smart technology for energy efficiency.

Aarhus Municipality, Sweden’s Växjö, Lithuania’s Kaunas, and a number of other collaborators are working together on an ambitious project that maps linkages between energy renovation, health and indoor climate. The project, READY, is a demonstration project showing how smart data and new technologies can help to optimize existing solutions as well as develop new ones. Smart grids, low temperature district heating, heat pumps, solar panels and many more have all been tested.


The main objective is to uncover possibilities for reducing pressure on the energy grid at peak times. The project is investigating how existing housing can be renovated for energy efficiency in a cost effective way, to meet future climate challenges and requirements for indoor climate and health.

READY has a wide range of public and private partners who help test smart grid technology and low-temperature district heating.

In Aarhus alone, 413 apartments across the Ringgården Housing Association – built in the 1980s – have been renovated using batteries, heat recovery and solar panels, which generate both power and heat from the sun. The measures are expected to reduce energy consumption by over 50% with the remaining energy coming from renewable sources. READY also investigates whether users have changed their energy behavior following renovations.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and Clean Energy

With their professional operations and many housing units, the Ringgården project demonstrates how social housing associations are suited to contributing to renewable energy and efficiency measures.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The READY project ensures modern and resource-efficient housing for disadvantaged citizens in the social housing association Ringgården, located in Aarhus Municipality.

Sustainable Consumption and Production

READY also targets consumption habits of residents. Ringgården’s residents contribute to the project through sustainable management and efficient utilization of natural resources.