Energsoft uses artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of renewable energy storage.

Energsoft’s digital platform helps companies who manufacture and use large energy batteries understand the health of their systems through real-time monitoring. The more batteries are integrated into the energy infrastructure, the more important it will be to maximise their lifetimes and efficiency. The platform takes researchers away from the manual spreadsheets and hours of analysis by automatically collecting data and analysing it. Data can be viewed remotely allowing for several sites to be monitored at once, and test times are greatly reduced allowing for performance to be maximised.

Energsoft’s AI technology provides powerful data supervision and analysis abilities enhancing research and development opportunities. Predictive data analytics and machine learning improves the quality of observations and speeds up the creation of new battery innovations. The platform also increases battery reliability and safety. When a manufacturing issue pops up, alerts will allow for the issue to be quickly addressed.

Traditionally, the process of energy storage has been highly expensive, and strong data management tools are needed in order to speed up the modernisation and efficiency of battery technology.

Why you should care

When the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, energy storage solutions are important for integrating renewable energy sources fully into the grid. Energsoft is demonstrating how AI can improve efficiencies to accelerate the green transition.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and Clean Energy

Energsoft’s technology makes it easier to understand data from batteries, helping to speed up the research and development of batteries and facilitate increased use of batteries in the global energy mix.