Toast Ale sustainably brew award-winning beer with fresh surplus bread and pour all profits into the environmental charity Feedback to end food waste.

Toast Ale is a brewing company that brews beer from leftover bread and donates 100% of profits to the anti-food waste organisation Feedback. By combining surplus fresh bread from local sandwich makers and bakeries with malted barley, hops, yeast, and water, the toastmasters behind the company serve a beer worth toasting.

The journey from baked goods to brewskies start by local bakeries turning over left-over bread. The bread is then shredded and transported to Toast Ale’s partner brewery where one-third of the malted barley is replaced by the shredded bread. After the brewing process, the spent grains are then sent for animal feed rather than going to landfill. In the brewing process, the bread’s carbohydrates are turned into simple sugars by enzymes, and into alcohol by yeast. Hops are then added for aroma and bitterness and to help preserve the beer. Toast Ale’s draught beer is supplied to pubs, bars and events in reusable kegs that are collected and refilled by their partner Kegstar. Their bottled and canned beers can be purchased in stores all over the world.

To ensure that the process is as environmentally friendly as possible, the brewers have onsite wind turbines and source barley from local farms.

Why you should care

Toast Ale builds a bridge between fighting food waste and saving resources. Today one third of all food produced goes to waste. In the UK as much as 44% of bread produced is thrown away, often due to overproduction and overstocking. This solution saves some of it from the bin while reducing the need for barley for the brewing process.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Responsible Consumption And Production

Approximately one slice of bread goes in to brewing one can of Toast. By collecting and upscaling surplus bread, Toast Ale reduces food waste.