In its mission to revolutionise food systems, Rooftop Republic is designing, implementing, and managing a variety of urban farming solutions throughout Hong Kong and China.

Rooftop Republic collaborates with architects, engineers, organic farmers, chefs and nutritionists to design, install, and maintain  innovative urban farming solutions in Hong Kong and China. The social enterprise is guided by its conviction that urban farming has the potential to transform both urban spaces and people’s mindsets, in favour of more sustainable food systems, urban designs, and daily routines. 

The company works with a range of different customers. Within the private sector, it helps other companies to enhance their sustainability programmes, and partners with food and beverage outlets to grow organic produce independently, and to participate in joint farm-to-table events. Within the public sector, it works with community-based organisations to leverage urban farming as a means to better integrate disadvantaged groups into society, and engages local schools to embed farming into curricular and extracurricular activities alike. Rooftop Republic additionally collaborates with developers and architects to incorporate urban farms into urban plans and building designs, thereby creating synergies with its other initiatives.

Why you should care

Through its portfolio of services, Rooftop Republic has achieved impressive impact thus far. It is transforming idle urban spaces into productive urban farms, with over 55,000 square feet having been transformed into 54 vibrant farms. It is driving local awareness and support for local agriculture, and creating additional income streams for organic farmers, having conducted over 550 events and engaged over 14,000 people. 

How the Global Goals are addressed

Zero Hunger

Rooftop Republic is empowering people to grow their own food, as well as promoting and maintaining sustainable food systems for communities as a whole. People in need are also provided with nutritious food, with over 2,400 lunch boxes having been donated. 

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Rooftop Republic is actively greening urban spaces and creating access to these spaces for various groups, including disadvantaged groups. Urban farming solutions have provided disadvantaged groups with opportunities to socially integrate and to gain employment, with 9 hearing-impaired persons having been trained as urban farmers.