The Gogoro Energy Network gives Gogoro Smartscooter owners easy access to charging services in cities through battery pack vending machines and portable chargers for homes and businesses.

Through the Gogoro Energy Network, the company has created a suite of electric scooter services which promote clean urban mobility. The Energy Network consists of three key components: Smartscooters, GoStations, and GoChargers. The electric Smartscooters boast quick acceleration, long range and are powered by replaceable, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can be easily removed and replaced at battery charging and vending machines called GoStations, which are dispersed throughout the city. Finally, the GoChargers are small battery charging units capable of charging two batteries simultaneously through a single domestic power socket. Gogoro offers these GoChargers for free to businesses such as restaurants or cafes that make them publicly available for at least twelve hours a day.

Since launching the Tapei Gogoro Energy Network in 2015, Gogoro customers have ridden more than 20 million kilometers. The Gogoro Energy Network has 220 battery swap stations and supports over 7,000 battery exchanges every day.

The greatest challenge of our time is determining how we manage, distribute, and experience energy in smarter ways. The Gogoro Energy Network was designed to ignite this urban transition.

Horace Luke – Co-Founder and CEO of Gogoro.

Why you should care

Rapid urbanization and the use of private vehicles is exacerbating air pollution in cities around the world. By making electric personal vehicles such as scooters easily accessible, Gogoro helps to improve personal mobility and air quality in cities.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

Urban air pollution kills up to 1.2 million people every year. Electric scooters can help alleviate this problem by reducing the number of privately owned, particulate-emitting vehicles.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Electric scooters could become a larger part of the urban transport network, providing a cleaner alternative to petrol and diesel cars yet still remain a flexible option.

Climate Action

According to the company, Gogoro owners have collectively saved 700,000 liters of gasoline and reduced CO2 emissions by 1,152 tons.