BuildSMART manufactures custom-built wall panels that can improve energy efficiency and indoor air climate in new homes.

BuildSMART supplies prefabricated wall panels that can be used to construct new homes in compliance with ‘passive house’ principles. A passive house is designed to meet specified principles for energy efficiency. These principles include proper insulation, airtight sealing to prevent heat escaping, correct orientation for maximising the use of sunlight and shading for temperature control, and more. BuildSMART wall panels are comprised of a number of layers, including air barrier sheathing to prevent the heat loss through walls, anti-termite treated insulation, and a waterproof weather layer that can prevent mould and damp. They come certified by the Passive House Institute.

The panels are produced using computerised manufacturing systems, allowing BuildSMART to rapidly custom build products to meet the dimensions of new housing projects. These fittings include pre-installed windows and doors that are designed to ensure complete air-tightness. Their made-to-order system also assists with inventory management and helps to reduce resource waste.

BuildSMART panels deliver a number of benefits. Foremost, BuildSMART houses consume up to 70% less energy than those not built to passive house standards. By preventing heat from escaping, they help to stabilise temperatures and control indoor climate. In addition, BuildSMART panels address noise pollution, reducing the decibels of outdoor noises by 50%. Because these fittings are prefabricated and easy to install, it also requires construction firms to have less prior experience with passive house principles. The elimination of specialist consultants can make it easier, faster and cheaper to build or renovate according to passive house principles.

Why you should care

Heating alone accounts for between 35-50% of energy consumption in American homes, representing a significant cost for households. In addition, the combination of heating and cooling generates over 400 million tonnes of CO2 in the US. By making building according to passive house principles more accessible, BuildSMART can help to dramatically reduce the economic and environmental costs of buildings.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and clean energy

BuildSMART panels have been shown to reduce energy consumption of buildings by up to 70%, primarily by enhancing energy efficiency in heating and cooling.