IntoFood is an integrated software solution that calculates the environmental impacts of recipes, menus, and food purchasing decisions.

IntoFood is a sustainable food consultancy working with caterers, hotels, and other food producers to calculate the carbon footprint of their operations and work with them to reduce the emissions they are responsible for. The software developed by the company works to understand the food purchase orders and gives metrics about associated carbon emissions as well as nutritional information and cost analysis.

According to the aims of each individual customer, IntoFood can advise methods  to reduce the climate impact, such as through menu redesign or alternative procurement strategies. The company also offers training for chefs and teams to make climate impact a central  factor when designing menus and dishes, and making procurement choices.

Why you should care

Sixty to seventy percent of a restaurant’s footprint typically comes from the food itself. By changing the composition of a menu, such as by reducing the proportion of meals centred on animal products, organisations can reduce their climate impact.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Quality education
IntoFood’s platform helps customers track their performance of serving healthier options to reduce diet-related diseases.

Responsible production and consumption
By thinking more strategically about food procurement and menu choices, caterers can create more demand for responsibly sourced produce.

Climate Action
IntoFood has helped companies cut their carbon footprints by changing menu choices to reduce demand for animal products, which generally have higher associated emissions than plant-based options.