Mellowcabs’ electric mini-cabs provide low-cost, eco-friendly, and convenient last-mile transport services in South African cities.

Mellowcabs’ electric mini-cabs offer cheap, on-demand taxi services in urban areas. Designed for commuters traveling within a four kilometer radius, Mellowcabs helps solve first- and last-mile transportation in South African cities, making these eco-friendly cabs a viable alternative to private vehicles and ordinary taxis. After a successful pilot phase, Mellowcabs plans to launch a fleet of 50 vehicles. The cabs will be available in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Stellenbosch. The company will offer Mellowcab services along set routes – for instance, from a train or bus station to a commercial area or university campus – as well as through on-demand booking. Within a four kilometer radius, commuters pay a flat fee, making the system more transparent and accountable than ordinary taxi services.

Why you should care

The transportation sector is responsible for approximately 23% of global CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, according to the company, 80% of all urban vehicle trips are shorter than four kilometers. Using electric vehicles for these short-distance trips saves fuel and reduces urban pollution.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Since mobility in urban areas facilitates growth and employment, providing accessible and efficient transportation helps to promote more equal and healthy urban economic conditions.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Replacing traditional taxi services with greener cabs is one piece in the sustainable urban transport puzzle, and will help foster sustainable cities and communities.

Climate Action

The company reports that replacing just one fossil fuel-powered cab with a Mellowcab could save up to 4.3 metric tons of CO2 per year.