Picture creates high quality fashionable outdoor clothing and equipment made from organic cotton and recycled polyester without toxic chemicals.

Picture designs outdoor clothing using a minimum of 50% recycled materials. Winter jackets, one of their main design items, are made from recycled polyester from 50 plastic bottles per jacket. They are manufactured with 100% recyclable, water repellent, and breathable membranes to ensure a warm and dry run down the slopes. Furthermore, Picture is one of the only outdoor brands whose water-proof products are completely free of PFCs – the chemical substances to make the products water repelling but do not degrade, have an extremely long lifetime in the environment, and are eliminated very slowly from humans and other animals.

Picture tracks the environmental footprint of their products at each processing stage using the Higg Index. This index uses a life cycle assessment approach to measure the impact of the raw materials on aspects including carbon emissions, water consumption, and water eutrophication in the supply chain. The index enables brands, retailers, and facilities to accurately measure a company or product’s sustainability performance without taking consumer use into consideration.

Furthermore, Picture ensures that suppliers respect regulation on chemicals and visits supplier factories two or three times a year, and have partnered with the independent and nonprofit organisation Fair Wear Foundation to monitor and promote sustainability in the supply chain.

Why you should care

Cotton and fabrics made from petrochemicals carry a range of environmental challenges, from water consumption in cotton agriculture to carbon emissions associated from synthetic material production. By using organic cotton and recycled plastic products throughout their clothes, Picture helps to reduce the environmental footprint of new clothing.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent work and economic growth

Picture’s suppliers agree to sign code of labour contracts to helps to ensure workers rights and safety.

Responsible consumption and production

By using recycled materials and banning the use of PFCs, Picture contributes to greater rates of recycling, and is reducing the material footprint of garments.