Fresh.Land is a digital marketplace that allows farmers to sell fresh fruits and vegetables directly to retailers and consumers.

Fresh.Land offers fruits and vegetables delivered to your door in 4-6 days from the day of ordering, which ensures fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, it avoids the need for energy or chemical intense preservation techniques, required for transportation or long-term storage. In this new ‘just-in-time’ model, customers using the app or web store are connected directly to the farmers.

The company is currently working with six farms in Southern Europe. For example, organic butternut squash and sweet potatoes are produced on by Portuguese farmers in the autumn. Customers buying the produce online can see the farm and farmers they are buying from, putting a story to the produce they are buying. The fruits and vegetables vary according to the seasonal cycles, so consumers can also appreciate seasonality in their diets. In 2016, the six pilot farmers sold more than €326,000 in fresh produce. The farmers generally receive greater compensation for products due to the shorter supply supply created by Fresh.Land.

Why you should care

Fruits can be kept for months on end in cold storage rooms, that have high energy demands and account for around a third of the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with the produce. By eliminating the storage phase and shortening the supply chain, Fresh.Land could save up to 88% greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional agricultural models.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Responsible consumption and production

By connecting farmers more directly with consumers, Fresh.Land is working to reduce food losses throughout the supply chain.

Climate action

Fresh.Land can cut carbon emissions by up to 88% according to the company, compared to the conventional agricultural models, helping to reduce emissions from the agricultural sector.