The mobile app GoodGuide rates thousands of consumer products to provide a trustworthy guide for making healthy shopping choices.

GoodGuide uses a quantitative scale to rate consumer products across the food, health, childcare and household sectors, making the information easily accessible via an app and on a website. Scores are based on evaluations of a comprehensive set of health metrics with a higher score signifying greater nutrition or healthiness.

Any manufacturer of personal care, household chemical or food products can submit data on their products to GoodGuide and receive a rating.

Bill Pease – PhD, Chief Scientist for GoodGuide

Users can search online for products, or scan the product’s barcode in store using their smartphone, allowing convenient access to unbiased product information, which can be difficult to decipher from labels and clever marketing.

The company receives over one million views to the website and app every month, providing instant access to information for over 200,000 everyday products, enabling consumers to match their buying habits with personal health preferences.

Why you should care

Consumers have limited access to information about the products they buy every day. Information is either unavailable, too complex to understand, or biased. This solution was founded on the premise that better information can transform the marketplace, driven by informed consumers.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

The Goodguide provides objective, quantitative information about the nutrition of food products and the health warnings associated with household and beauty products.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Providing consumers with more information will help to make more informed, responsible everyday decisions.