Tvilight uses smart controls to adjust the illumination and energy levels of streetlights.

Tvilight combines hardware, a tiny intelligent module that includes sensors, wireless communication, and a dimmer that can be installed on any existing dimmable streetlight, and advanced software that controls streetlights, monitors electricity usage, and analyzes traffic data. The system detects human and vehicular presence to control the light intensity in an area. The lights dim during office-peak hours, but when a pedestrian, bicycle, or automobile is detected, a chain of lights following the vehicle show the way.

Why you should care

Millions of streetlights burn all night, even when there is no activity. Tvilight estimates that the Netherlands alone pays over €300 million annually on street lighting electricity, with CO2 emissions of 1.6 million tons. Tvilight’s intelligent streetlights reduce electricity consumption and maintenance costs by up to 80% and 50% respectively, without compromising public safety.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Cities that install smart street lights can cut emissions and costs. Street lights consume 19% of the global electricity use, and cost Europe €10 billion each year, according to the company.

Climate Action

By only providing lighting when it is needed, Tvilight can help to cut streetlight electricity consumption by 80%.



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