BigBelly Solar manufactures smart garbage bins with real-time data and onsite compaction to bring cost savings, environmental benefits and ease traffic congestion in cities.

Through the use of solar power and smart monitoring technologies, BigBelly Solar detects when a bin is full, crushes the waste inside the bin and makes garbage collection intelligent, which is currently benefitting to cities, transit organizations and college campuses around the world.

By providing garbage collection services with real-time data and historical reporting for collection sites, this solution makes it possible to switch from uninformed schedules to just-in-time garbage collection. These insights mean that collection frequency can be slashed to conserve fuel, reduce emissions, and make operations more efficient.

Why you should care

BigBelly Solar is bringing 21st century technology to a service that has seen little innovation in many decades. Garbage trucks are some of the least efficient vehicles on the road, some only achieving 2 miles per gallon. Reducing the time these vehicles spend on the road conserves fuel, limits emissions, avoids traffic jams, and cuts down on wear and tear on the streets.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

Keeping the streets clean with a well designed rubbish removal system helps to prevent pest levels, which can spread disease in urban areas.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Using solar power is a clean way to compact rubbish and track patterns of public rubbish accumulation, helping cities plan collection efficiently.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

BigBelly Solar’s solution helps town planners to spend efficiently on rubbish removal, cutting costs by 70 to 80% according to the company, while maintaining clean and tidy urban environments.