Sustainia’s new book ‘Repaint the future!’ invites you to become part of a global movement which aims to confront fear and distrust and create a more sustainable future. Want to join?

Fear and distrust are soaring in today’s society: Fear for our future, of climate change, terrorism and distrust in our decision-makers, in the media, in experts and scientists. Meanwhile, populist movements are flourishing by promising fast solutions to complex problems, supported by distorted and fake news. This breeds even more fear and distrust, and accelerates a vicious circle.

We need a new approach – new mindsets – that can break this circle. We have to repaint the gloomy and bleak picture of our future, and that is exactly the intention of Sustainia’s new book “Repaint the future!”. The book outlines 10 mindset shifts essential for reaching a more sustainable future, and it is intended as an antidote to the apathy rampant in today’s societies. Drawing on global events and politics in recent years, the book addresses key global issues such as distrust in media and exhaustion of our planetary resources, and how to deal with them.

It is your personal guide to a sustainable tomorrow – a guide which seeks to empower every single human being to be a change maker.

From Global Goals to personal goals

One of the pivotal points in “Repaint the future!” is that we cannot reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals) by 2030 unless we all know how to contribute to them. Despite the fact that 193 nations have agreed on the goals and their important purpose, very few citizens are engaged in them or even know about them: The Global Goals provide no leadership nor guidance in themselves, therefore we need to translate them and put them into a personal context.

The ambition with the Global Goals was to create a new beginning and a new level of trust and optimism in the future, but now – two years later – we face more fear and distrust than ever. If we don´t succeed in changing this perspective and outlook, the goals risk losing their significance and impact and becoming long forgotten by 2030.

“Repaint the future!” can´t solve this challenge by itself, but the book can inspire a new mindset and provide tools for how to solve the world’s biggest challenges. That’s why we think “Repaint the future!” is more than just a book. Sustainia´s ambitions reach further:  We want to invite people from all parts of the world to engage in a dialogue about how they can become “repainters” of the future. We want to let them know that they can help set a new sustainable agenda and turn the Global Goals into personal goals.

However, we don’t have much time. A few days ago, a new alarming report from the World Meteorlogical Organization documented that we are on a losing track in our fight against climate change. The year 2016 sat an all-time record in carbon emissions released into our atmosphere, which merely confirms the conclusions from other recent scientific analysis.

We can´t solve big challenges with fear and distrust, and more importantly we can´t solve them without getting civil society – people like you and me – onboard. We need to make a global joint effort to unleash the great potential every human being possesses. Never in human history has the phrase “it is now or never” been as relevant and important.

We urge anyone seeing this message to read our book, share its ideas and get involved. Your choice is our future – let’s start making the right choices today.

Let the “repainters” of our future unite!

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Author: Erik Rasmussen