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Brisk Synergies’ Lumina software utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse thousands of traffic interactions and help design safer roads for all users.

Synergies is putting machine learning and artificial intelligence to the test by analysing variations in traffic conditions and movements. Using existing city CCTV infrastructure, the company analyses conflict scenarios and high-risk behaviour in different settings throughout the city, that usually involve complex interactions between cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles. Understanding the causes of high-risk scenarios can help cities to design, test, and improve road safety conditions for all road users.

In May 2018, Brisk Synergies deployed the software in downtown Atlanta to analyse the difference in safety conditions after a change to the sequence of pedestrian crossings. The company collected data about potential conflicts at one intersection at varying levels of severity before and after the change to the sequence of pedestrian crossings. The company found a reduction in instances of conflict after the change in pedestrian crossings using the software output.

Why you should care

The UN estimates that 3,400 people are killed on the world’s roads every day. As cities grow in size and population, this number is forecast to rise. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can be powerful tools for city planners to improve existing infrastructure without expanding it to make it more efficient and safer for all road users.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-being

The Lumina software has the capacity to monitor thousands of traffic interactions every day and analyse the risk associated with different traffic designs, helping to reduce risk and decrease the frequency of collisions.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Brisk Synergies demonstrated in Atlanta that their software can be used to test different traffic designs and identify the safest for all road users, evidencing its usefulness in improving urban road conditions.

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