WaterStop’s mobile water carts provide access to free, filtered water in public places, which can also serve as an employment opportunity for local entrepreneurs.

WaterStop seeks to overcome barriers to accessible, clean water without the plastic pollution. The water carts provide filtered water in public places and encourage people to use refillable drinking containers, rather than purchasing bottled water. Designed with mobility in mind, the carts can easily be transported to where they are needed and where people gather, be it schools or university campuses, sporting stadiums, or public spaces. The three-stage filtration system and the ultraviolet light, eliminate harmful bacteria and particulates and ensure taste, making it perfect for areas without regular access to safe drinking water, and although the filtration does use electrical input, built-in batteries can offer a solution for mobility for up to 8 hours.

Although still currently in the pilot phase, the company envisages that each cart can be managed as a small business by a local entrepreneur or can act as a stand-alone. Each cart is fitted with digital advertising banners, for DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home advertising). Digital banners are also mounted on the cart providing a promotion platform for sponsors. Revenue can also be generated from the sale of reusable water bottles from the cart. In the future, WaterStop plans to fit carts with wifi, solar panels, and options for flavoured or carbonated water.

Why you should care

It is estimated that the human population consumes one million plastic bottles every minute, and less than 10% of all plastics are recycled. WaterStop aims to provide alternatives to the single-use bottles that take around 400 years to degrade.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good health and well-being
Advanced filtration systems remove harmful bacteria, viruses, and particulates, making it ideal for areas that don’t have easy access to safe drinking water.

Clean water and sanitation
1.8 billion people worldwide still consume contaminated water. Portable water filtration services can provide free access to safe, tasty water.

Life below water
Using reusable drinking containers will help to reduce the quantity of plastic water bottles that are polluting oceans and poisoning marine life.