FarmInABox is a ready-to-farm aquaculture system offering a simple way for anyone to farm fish sustainably, with a low entry cost and low technical requirements.

Based just outside Johannesburg, David Fincham Aquaculture offers a solution for small-scale farmers to enter the aquaculture industry with low financial risk. FarmInABox is designed to be simple, easily transportable, and fast to set up. As a result, the flat-packed, modular system can be scaled according to site demand and be operational within days. The farms are built in greenhouses with 15 FarmInABox per greenhouse. The company also offers training and workshops for students, governments, and farmers.

This solution was featured in Alternative Aquaculture market of the 2018 Global Opportunity Report, and was selected based on the criteria of that report. 

How the Global Goals are addressed

Reduced Inequalities
David Fincham Aquaculture has developed a scalable tilapia farming system with low entry costs enabling communities to explore the potential of aquaculture.

Responsible Consumption and Production
Using circular design principles in the aquaculture systems minimises unsustainable inputs and polluting outputs, ensuring environmental responsibility in fish production.

Life Below Water
Land-based aquaculture provides a more sustainable alternative to wild fish harvesting or polluting ocean fish farming, reducing pressure on natural stocks.

About David Fincham Aquaculture

David Fincham Aquaculture is a South-Africa based company aiming to make aquaculture available to smallholder farmers everywhere, through training and modular land-based system called FarmInABox.

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David Fincham Aquaculture
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Global Goals addressed

Deployed in: South Africa
Developed in: South Africa
Stage: Full implementation