IntegrityNext is an online platform that verifies the sustainability of suppliers, illuminating the supply chain and incentivising responsible sourcing.

For buyers, IntegrityNext is a centralised network that contains assessments of the environmental and social responsibility of a number of suppliers. The service tracks the constant changes in international rules and regulations, such as those relating to occupational health and safety, local content laws and more, in order to ensure businesses can identify and manage risk. IntegrityNext also monitors a range of media platforms including social media to identify non-compliance amongst suppliers. Armed with this information, businesses can ensure environmental and social responsibility, even at the most distant points in their supply chain.

For suppliers, the platform offers a free tool for companies to conduct self-assessments of their environmental and social responsibility. This tool comprises questionnaires covering pertinent issues, such as bribery, occupational health and safety, labour rights and environmental responsibility. They are simple and standardised, allowing for a consistent assessment across suppliers. The self assessment can also be bolstered by adding additional external certifications including the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) or the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). It helps those companies performing more sustainably to receive increased market exposure, providing an incentive for sustainable practices.

Why you should care

There is a growing expectation amongst business stakeholders to demand that companies monitor and report on their social and environmental impacts throughout their value chain. The rise of social media in particular is making businesses increasingly accountable to the behaviours of their suppliers. IntegrityNext can help safeguard businesses against regulatory and reputational risks, by giving them the tools to manage supply chain issues more easily. This service is suitable for small and medium sized businesses who may not have the resources to conduct the analysis independently.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent work and economic growth

Supply chain monitoring tools can help address forced labour, modern slavery and child labour by assisting companies to choose responsible suppliers.

Reduced inequalities

By partnering with responsible suppliers, companies can ensure improved wages and working conditions for low income earners in their value chain.

Responsible consumption and production

IntegrityNext makes it easier for businesses to identify environmental and social violations throughout their supply chain, and gives them the tools to prioritise responsible suppliers.