BenBen is a blockchain-powered digital land transaction platform that creates trust and secure land titles for people in Ghana.

BenBen is a private sector platform that integrates land registry, land information, and fintech to provide digital land transaction solutions to emerging market economies. Land is registered on the blockchain-powered platform, and the information can then be digitally shared with financial institutions and banks, allowing landowners to access a host of financial products and finance further investment in their land. The land records uploaded onto the platform are provided by the land sector agencies, which are given an API key to the BenBen platform, enabling them to access the data.

This solution was featured in Unchaining Land Rights market of the 2018 Global Opportunity Report, and was selected based on the criteria of that report. 

How the Global Goals are addressed

No Poverty

Securing land tenures on the blockchain can enable people to make a steady income from their land and help lift people out of poverty.


Gender Equality

Registration of land rights on the blockchain can help prove women's rights to own land, without risk of tampering.

Reduced Inequalities

Tamper-proof land registration will secure land ownership, thereby enabling owners to invest and further benefit from the land they rightfully own.