Local Food Nodes connects local food producers and consumers through a digital marketplace and physical pick-up nodes, helping to re-localise food supply.

Driven by their ambition to make food local again, Local Food Nodes has developed a digital marketplace that connects producers and consumers, enabling them to engage in direct transactions and exchange goods in local food nodes.

Via Local Food Nodes’ digital marketplace, local producers can present their produce for nearby consumers to order, where photos, descriptions and tags makes it easy for the consumer to navigate the selection. Once an order is placed, shoppers and suppliers meet up at a predetermined location and time to exchange goods. This allows producers to deliver to multiple consumers at the same time and ensures that payments go straight to the producers.

Currently, more than 200 local producers sell local goods to the almost 3,000 users via 70 nodes set up all over the world. The matchmaking company has created many but count on community engagement to spread the concept as it encourages people to set one up themselves if there are none nearby.

Why you should care

Local Food Nodes strengthens local communities socially and economically. Close relations between producers and consumers works to improve community spirit and engages consumers in the production. Shortening the distance between shopper and supplier also cuts carbon emissions in the supply chain by eliminating the need for storage and long-range transport.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Responsible Consumption And Production

Local Food Nodes enables direct transactions between producers and consumers which promotes urban-rural links and gives consumers more insight into how the food is produced.