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Sparebank 1 is an alliance of 14 Norwegian financial institutions. The organisation provides management and business development services to their member banks, and facilitates inter-organisational cooperation and capability sharing. Sparebank 1 is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, as well as a member of the Norway 203040 alliance, a business-led climate initiative. Four of Sparebank 1’s members are also members of the UN Global Compact.

Sparebank 1’s members are pioneering sustainable finance solutions. In early 2018, Sparebank 1 Boligkreditt issued the world’s largest green mortgage bond, equivalent to €1 billion, which will allocate funds mortgages for energy efficient homes. In order to incentivise safer and greener driving, Sparebank 1 has developed an app that monitors driving habits and cuts insurance costs for low-impact driving.  In addition, the group is highly transparent about their environmental impact – each year they produce a ‘Climate Scenario’ report detailing the groups emissions from electricity consumption, transport and more.


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