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Storebrand is Norway’s largest private investor, managing assets of more than NOK 600 billion, and has integrated sustainability into all decision making processes. Their three-pronged approach to sustainability avoids the worst companies, seeks out the best, and gives scores to each of their funds, giving a quick overview of the sustainability of each fund. Storebrand sees progressive and sustainable companies as low-risk in a changing world, that can also be expected to deliver higher returns.

The company has also developed a separate climate strategy, and was amongst the first to adapt their investment strategy to accommodate climate change concerns. As well as their external focus on sustainable investments, Storebrand also recognises the importance of creating internal change. In 2008, they became Norway’s first completely carbon neutral financial group by setting stringent requirements for limiting their CO2 emissions and purchasing renewable energy for their buildings. They also offset any CO2 they are responsible for by working with a forestry protection programme in Kenya called the Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor which is working to increase carbon sequestration in a highly biodiverse area of tropical forest.


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