VIA University College

Higher Education
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VIA University College, founded in 2008, is Denmark’s largest university college and third-largest higher education institution. It offers over 40 degree programmes in areas including health, teaching, design, and business, across its eight campuses in Jutland, in the west of Denmark. The university college also has 18 research centres, and are part of the Danish Resilience Lab partnership, which brings together researchers, business and education institutions to discover new ways to make Danish cities more climate resilient.

VIA University College has a strong emphasis on fostering entrepreneurship amongst its students and researchers. In fact, in 2018, it was named Denmark’s most entrepreneurial institution of higher education, by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship. One of its many initiatives includes a start-up incubator for students, whereby aspiring innovators can receive mentorship, funding and other support from the university to help their ideas turn into reality.