Eureciclo is an eco-label that packaging companies can join where the waste from production is offset by recycling comparable materials sold back from informal waste picking collectives.

In Brazil, companies are legally obliged to take responsibility for the collection and recycling of their solid waste. The ‘Eureciclo’ label offers a solution for packaging companies to ensure legal compliance and helps to formalise the work of Brazil’s army of waste pickers.

New Hope Ecotech is the company behind the recycling label, and measures the recyclables sold back by waste picking collectives, allowing New Hope Ecotech to prove that the equivalent amount of materials have been recycled from each company participating in the scheme. The company has over 500 certified brands, has impacted directly over 400 workers in the recycling sector and aims to track and certify over 150,000 tonnes of material by the end of 2018. The company has also exported the same concept to Chile in 2017.

Why you should care

250,000 people in Brazil are estimated to survive by collecting and selling solid waste like plastic, glass and metal. New Hope Ecotech helps companies to improve waste management and improves working conditions and creates formal jobs for waste pickers by formalizing the recycling chain.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent work and economic growth

New Hope Ecotech helps to ensure safe and formal working conditions for waste collectors by structuring and formalising the waste value chain.

Sustainable cities and communities

By certifying the recycling of 150,000 tonnes of waste by the end of 2018, New Hope Ecotech supports waste collection in large Brazilian cities.

Responsible consumption and production

The company states that over 500 companies are paying the recycling chain for recycling waste equivalent to over 22% of their packages.