Powerhouse Kjørbo is the first office building to become energy-positive after refurbishment, producing more energy than it consumes over its lifetime.

By optimizing and combining existing technologies in new ways, the project partners behind Powerhouse Kjørbo have transformed an inefficient 1980’s office block into a modern, energy positive building – producing more energy than it consumes. Rooftop solar panels and a ground source heat pump provide renewable, locally produced energy for the building, and the central stairway naturally ventilates the whole office. Innovative reuse of materials add to energy and resource efficiency, all culminating in an attractive, healthy and sustainable place to work.

"Build for the future."

The solar panels on the building can produce electricity for use on site, or for delivery to the power grid, with capacity of over 200,000 kWh, or 41 kWh/m2 each year. As a result of these efforts, the Powerhouse Kjørbo was awarded BREEAM’s “Outstanding” certificate.

We are showing that the private sector can work together in a unique collaboration, using existing technology in new ways.

Klaus-Anders Nysteen – CEO, Entra Eiendom.

Why you should care

Buildings account for around 40% of the USA’s CO2 production. The Powerhouse project partners are collaborating to reverse this trend, by designing buildings that produce more energy than they consume.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and clean energy
The 1,500 m2 solar panel array produces more than enough electricity for the building. Any surplus is fed back into the  grid.


Industry, innovation and infrastructure
By focusing on efficiency and building standards, the Powerhouse partnership show how the buildings sector can reduce emissions.

Climate action
A carbon footprint calculator calculated that the building has 70% lower lifetime carbon emissions compared with a comparable office block.

About Powerhouse Kjørbo

Powerhouse represents a collaboration in the development of energy-positive buildings, and consists of the property company Entra, the entrepreneur Skanska, the environmental organization ZERO, Snøhetta architects, and the consulting company Asplan Viak.

The Powerhouse collaboration defines an energy-positive building as a building that will produce more clean and renewable energy throughout its lifespan than it uses in the production of building materials, construction, operation and demolition.

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Powerhouse Kjørbo
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Global Goals addressed

Deployed in: Europe
Developed in: Norway
Stage: Full implementation