Tyrelessly is a free tyre recycling service that coordinates the collection, storage and recycling of used tyres to recover valuable resources.

Tyrelessly is a tyre recycling service seeking to incentivise vehicle owners in India to responsibly dispose of their used tyres. Customers wishing to dispose of their tyres simply submit a request online for free collection. In partnership with regional tyre recycling facilities, Tyrelessly coordinates the collection, storage and recycling of the tyres.

The service is free for users because the costs are covered by valuable materials recovered during the recycling phase, because as well as rubber, tyres typically contain around 15% steel by weight. The company uses a pyrolysis process to heat the tyres and extract fuel compounds, steel, and carbon. The company estimates that for each tonne of tyres recycled, they can recover 150L of petroleum gas, 75kg of steel and 250kg of carbon. Oil-like fuels are generated through a process called pyrolysis, whereby vapours, produced from heating tyres in an oxygen-free environment, are burned.

Of the 100 million tyres that are discarded every year in India, they are typically either sent to landfill or burned, which is extremely hazardous for people and the environment. Tyrelessy aims to recycle 10 million tyres per year in order to save valuable landfill area and prevent greenhouse gas emissions and toxic fumes. The service is currently operating in the greater New Delhi region.

Why you should care

The Indian government is preparing new regulation on tyre recycling, including the introduction of take-back schemes that make producers responsible for recycling. However at present, disposal of used tyres remains a challenge, with an estimated 60% still illegally dumped, and many more burned for fuel or landfilled. Burning tyres can create high levels of air pollution and oil runoff, and these fires are notoriously difficult to control.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Responsible consumption and production

Tyrelessly hopes to recycle 10 million tyres, preventing the consequences of incorrect disposal such as air pollution, and reducing pressures on landfill.