The Orisa organic rice initiative promotes environmentally-friendly farming that protects water sources and secures jobs for women through a distribution network called AQUA Ladies.

AQUA Danone is working  with a local NGO called Negeri Ternak Indonesia to promote sustainable rice growing. The initiative is called Orisa and it aims to produce organic rice, grown by local small-scale rice farmers using environmentally-friendly methods. In addition, the rice growers are trained to improve water use efficiency, handle pests using natural pesticides and follow sustainable cropping patterns. The Orisa initiative strengthens the self-reliance of local rice farmers by providing them with strong business management skills and naturally resilient farming practices.

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The triple-bottom line strategy secures the water resources vital to Danone AQUA’s bottled water business, improves the livelihoods of rice-growers and encourages more environmentally friendly farming methods. The rice is available in 5 kg packaging at affordable prices. It is sold across Indonesia through a network of 800 stalls run by women entrepreneurs who are part of the AQUA Ladies initiative that also distributes safe, bottled water.

Why you should care

Overuse of synthetic pesticides in rice cultivation pollutes water sources that are important for clean water supply. The aim of the Orisa initiative is to sustain and grow a profitable rice business for local farmers while also protecting the purity of water sources for Danone AQUA.

How the Global Goals are addressed

No Poverty
The initiative contributes to eliminating poverty by creating profitable and sustainable business for rice farmers and women vendors in rural communities.

Gender equality
The AQUA Ladies sales network provides women with strong entrepreneurial skills and good employment in Indonesia.

Clean water and sanitation
The Orisa rice farmers are helping to protect  the pureness of source water for both AQUA Danone and local communities by adopting organic growing methods.

Decent work and economic growth
Teaching organic farming methods and offering employment opportunities for Indonesian women strengthens the rural economy in a sustainable way.

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Global Goals addressed

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