Zendrive’s smartphone-based platform collects and analyses data on driving behaviour in an accessible and scalable format. Patterns of high-risk behaviour are identified within datasets using algorithms, and tailored driver coaching is delivered to change these behaviours.

Zendrive is a company committed to using technology to save lives and money. Their smartphone platform enables them to collect and analyse data to understand and improve driver behaviour. Zendrive already collects high volumes of anonymized data in tens of millions of vehicles globally, and their unique dataset is growing by more than 13 billion miles driven per month to identify high-risk driving behaviour amongst both commercial drivers and individuals.

Once data is collected, machine-learning algorithms are used to identify patterns of driver behaviour, analysed at the level of an individual vehicle, fleet or even a specific road. Individual driver coaching is then delivered through the smartphone platform to address the specific behaviours identified, providing a targeted approach to reducing collisions. The mobile-based format is especially effective in a world where vehicle use is switching from personal ownership to fleet-based or shared vehicles, because it can track the individual driver rather than being attached to a vehicle.

Zendrive is designed to be compatible with other mobile apps, meaning that customers do not have to switch from their current software. A small monthly fee delivers financial, environmental and social benefits such as lower greenhouse gas emissions from more efficient driving, a fall in preventable deaths and injury, and lower costs for insurance, repairs and fuel.

Why you should care

Traffic crashes are the largest cause of unintentional injury-related deaths worldwide. Of great concern, 90% of road collisions are due to human error, so improving safe driving behaviours presents a significant opportunity to reduce preventable deaths.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good health and well-being
The collection and analysis of data on driver behaviour can help to understand and alter driving practices.

Climate action
Safer and more efficient driving behaviours are more fuel efficient, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Safe roads encourage greener transport options.

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