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Ecosubsea uses remotely controlled mini-submarines to clean large vessels while at port to reduce subsurface pollution, fuel costs, and spread of invasive species.

Clean and smooth underwater ship surfaces protect vessels from corrosion and allow smoother operation. Conventional cleaning methods such as scouring hulls with metal brushes or using high-pressure cleaners are being banned around the world due to release of paint debris and spread of invasive species. The Ecosubsea solution uses remotely controlled mini-submarines equipped with cleaning and collection technology to clean hulls efficiently without damaging antifouling paint.

The underwater ‘robots’ blasts water at an angle almost parallel with the surface of the hull, which spares paint from abrasion but hits marine growth to release sea and paint debris. Ecosubsea collects up to 97.5% of all debris released in cleaning operations according to the company, preventing marine pollution and spread of invasive species which can latch onto hull surfaces. Furthermore, scraping the hull lightens the ship and reduces water friction which leads to lower carbon emissions for ships during voyages.

“We give shipowners and operators control over their bio-fouling so their vessels perform better, use less fuel and have reduced CO2 emissions” – Tor Østervold, CEO of Ecosubsea

Ecosubsea has set up a base in the port of Southampton with two cleaning stations for vessels. The English port has some of the most rigorous and strict bio-risk policies in the world and didn’t allow for hull-cleaning before letting Ecosubsea set up the cleaning stations. To date, some 350 vessels have been cleaned using Ecosubsea’s mini-submarines and the services are now available in ports in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.

Why you should care

Increasing global demand for goods is putting pressure on global shipping to meet the international goal of halving the total annual greenhouse gas emissions from the marine sector by 2050. The Ecosubsea solution helps to reduce the carbon footprint and fuel costs by up to 15%  according to the company.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and clean energy

By cleaning ship hulls, Ecosubsea helps to improve the energy efficiency of ships.

Life below water

The Ecosubsea solution collects 97.5% of paint debris, helping to prevent the spread of invasive species.