Nebia’s advanced nozzle technology atomises a normal stream of water into millions of minute droplets that significantly reduce water use, while enhancing the comfort of your shower.

Nebia has engineered a showerhead that uses advanced technology to atomise a stream of water and turn it into tiny droplets. Developed with the same software used to design jet engines, the array of atomising nozzles in the showerhead increase user comfort and creates a showerhead that uses 70% less water than regular showers, according to Nebia. Compared to other water-saving shower systems, Nebia’s technology saves water by multiplying droplets directly from the showerhead rather than recycling the water flowing through the whole shower unit. The showerhead can be installed manually without plumbers or breaking tiles. The company has tested prototypes, secured crowdfunding from more than 8,000 backers, and started shipping orders in January 2017.

Why you should care

Showering accounts for nearly 17% of residential indoor water use in USA, therefore installing more efficient showerheads can provide significant water savings, benefiting both the environment and reducing household utility bills. For the average American home, Nebia provides a return on investment within less than two years because of water and electricity savings, according to the company.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Clean Water and Sanitation

According to a study done by the company, an average American household of four using a Nebia showerhead can save 80,000 liters of water annually.

Responsible Consumption and Production

The innovative design from Nebia is an example of how efficiency innovations within established industries have the power to significantly reduce the consumption of individuals without sacrificing utility.