Ignitia provides weather forecasts to small-scale farmers in the Tropics tailored to their GPS location. Reliable, accurate, and localised weather forecasts enable farmers to make more informed decisions to optimise their farming practices.  

Ignitia produces reliable and hyper-local daily, 48-hr, monthly, and seasonal weather forecasts, which are delivered via SMS to small-scale farmers’ mobile phones based on their GPS location. Ignitia produces forecasts using its proprietary weather forecasting model, which is calibrated specifically to analyse tropical weather patterns. Ignitia’s highly-automated model combines high-resolution satellite weather data and real-time lightning data, overcoming the need for expensive ground equipment and making Ignitia’s solution highly scalable.

While weather patterns in the mid-latitudes are influenced by large scale temperature and pressures changes, weather patterns in the near-equator are driven by convective processes resulting in thunderstorms, a process that occurs at much smaller scales with less predictability. Ignitia’s uses a probabilistic model and a 3km horizontal resolution to more reliably predict tropical weather patterns, compared to conventional models, which rely on numerical models and coarser geographical resolution. With an 84% accuracy rate, Ignitia forecasts have been shown to be more than twice as accurate as conventional global models at predicting weather in the tropics.

The service was developed in Ghana and has now been extended to a number of West African countries, including Nigeria, Mali, and Burkina Faso. To date, Ignitia estimates that they have already delivered over 8.5 million localised weather predictions to over a half million subscribers.

Why you should care

Being able to accurately predict weather is crucial for smallholder farmers to make well-informed decisions. For instance, if farmers know that it will rain in the coming days, they will not apply fertiliser and pesticide only to have it washed away. In addition, accurate weather information will help to mitigate the impacts of changing weather patterns associated with climate change. Ignitia estimates that some of their customers have experienced up to an 80% increase in income by avoiding crop losses from adverse weather conditions.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Zero hunger

Ignitia can help to substantially increase agricultural productivity and improve resilience in less developed tropical countries, contributing to food security.

Climate action

Access to reliable weather forecasting assists farmers in tropical regions in adapting to increasingly volatile weather patterns associated with climate change.